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Bathing and Morning Meditation


Another question for your website:

In India, it is considered essential to bathe oneself before presuming to worship, bathe, or anoint the Divine. How does this fit into the daily form Bhagavan has GIven us where we wake up and meditate immediately and then go straight into puja? I have thought that perhaps the bathing before puja ritual reflects the puritanical leanings of the Indian tradition, and so it has no relevance in Adidam. On the other hand, there is something to it. One could say that the purification from the water Prasad that the priests take fulfills this admonition. What do you think?

Did Bhagavan expect us to wait until after puja to engage oral hygiene practices? i always do this after I wake up–brush, scrape tongue, morning elimination, then i’m off to the Hall. I have noted Bhagavan’s Instruction to meditate “immediately” upon waking, so I have wondered about this.

Dear N,

Let me say a few words in response to your query

Yes, typically in relationship to Bhagavan’s Instructions, the shower would come later, likely after the morning calisthenics

dsc_1693-1In India there is the whole consideration of ritual purify vs. pollution. I remember visiting a devotee of Narayan Maharaj in Poona. He had just taken his shower and put on his clean clothes and was about to do puja. I put my hand out to shake his, and he avoided me very obviously with fear on his face that I might touch him. I thought that perhaps he hadn’t seen my hand, and so I put it out again, and then he completely dodged me and withdrew, and explained that he had just taken his bath, etc. and I understood that he did not want to be touched. Because if I had contact with him, just coming off the street, etc., he would have to shower again and put on new clothes, because he would have lost his ritual purity.

That of course,  is not a focus within Adidam.

Now if you were going to do a large puja in front of others, like a fire puja or something like that, later in the day, then a shower and clean clothes, etc. would be appropriate and perhaps even necessary.

But in the morning, in an everyday circumstance, all of that is satisfied by taking the water and ash and kumkum before going into the hall. and the admonition to just drop it all.

Of course dress should also be appropriate if others are there, (no tee shirts or informal shorts, etc.) but the white or orange clothing of the Hindu pujarist is also not necessary.

Jap garden0705 003Now cleaning the tongue or using the toilet is fine or even brushing the teeth.   Bhagavan also mentioned doing the gag reflex might be appropriate. You know putting the fingers towards the back of the tongue in order so far that there is a spontaneous gag. Which Bhagavan said opens up the throat area.

But the idea is not to allow the mind to get activated by random thinking, but as quickly as possible entering into the Sacred meditative relationship to Him. So if the brushing of the teeth and all of this is allowing you to start thinking while you are doing it, then probably better to wait until after meditation and puja.

I would say that taking the water from the pujarist from the paduka or murti puja is not so much about the ritual purification of the body done before puja, as is done in India. It is more receiving the fullness of Bhagavan Adi Da’s Blessing.

Of course it is also purifying, but not in this ritual sense, but the purification that is not simply washing, but as a result of the Blessing Infusion of the Guru’s Grace.

with love to you at this time of Da Guru Purnima


Why I Surrender, by Peter Wood

IMG_0656Why I surrender to Adi Da.

I’ve asked myself on many occasions why I devote so much time to contemplating Adi Da’s picture and the simple answer is that I’ve no one in my conditional world that I get peace of mind from.

It was Adi Da Samraj, at the beginning of my formal Sadhana, some 30 years or so ago, I saw to be my last resort.  After everything else had failed Adi Da comes along, shouts at me via the Dreaded Gomboo essay, telling me loud and clear to Stop Doing my suffering, to take responsibility for my destiny, for my Only Real Cure.  He said, Peter there is no one or no thing that can cure you of your suffering other than simply surrendering to God via the ongoing practise of devotion to Me, the Divine Person, the Divine Agent.  Either I understood this or I didn’t; well, needless to say, I did.  I understood because I could see and feel this ‘doing’.  It was so obvious to me that I was doing what He called the self contraction.  wow!  Here, for the first time in my life, I had the answer: to stop seeking a cure via worldly alternatives, that were always failing me, never giving me a cure that was ongoingly successful, but to have this love relationship with This Person of love, accessible even in a queue in a supermarket.  Another Wow!

So, although Adi Da seemingly became my last resort at the age of about 35, he in fact became my first resort, and continues to be. Wow! LOL.

I don’t know about you and the reason, or reasons why you have become His devotee, but I do wonder if there are many devotees who can share the plight, the karma that spurred me into finding my Only Cure? Would you like to hear why it’s necessary for me to  use Him throughout each and every day as my Only Cure, the Only Cure for a loveless heart?

Image5Well, simply because everything and everyone failed me.  My parents failed me, my siblings fail me, relations failed me, and continue to do so, my religion failed me, my teachers failed me, my friends failed me, my music failed me, my diets failed me, my medication failed me, books failed me, self help groups failed me, work failed me, students failed me, lovers failed me, belief failed me, counsellors  failed me, other religions failed me, my mind fails me, my desires fail me, Adidam failed me, devotees failed me, I failed me, even my four attempts to kill myself failed me!  Can you beat that?  Yes, of course there were times of happiness and times of self fulfillment, but none of that happiness or joy extended more than a few hours, or possibly a day or so.  My suffering was so blatantly obvious that I was forever seeking cures, here there and everywhere.  So what were the symptoms of my internal suffering, what were the results of my self contraction?

For years and years, from infancy to my Thirties,  not just the odd day, or 5 minutes here and there, but on going for years, I suffered asthmatic  attacks, head banging, temper tantrums, suicidal feelings, anxiety attacks, neurotic tendencies, self consciousness, profuse sweat attacks, migraines, headaches, nervousness, self destructive tendencies, nightmares, paranoia, delusions, illusions, The Dreaded Gomboo without a doubt.  I suffered, and at the same time I was expected to function, to earn a living.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a deep connection with Jesus, with God, I wouldn’t have survived, but I needed a reason for my suffering, and it wasn’t until Adi Da came into my life that I eventually understood.

So what doesn’t fail me now is the self understanding that Adi Da has given me.  I understand that I did all of that suffering, and still have the tendencies to do, but I need not anymore, and as long as I continue to resort to Adi Da, I no longer suffer.  I require His Grace entirely for a life of Real Happiness, a life that really is a pleasure to live.IMG_0658

Letter to Adi Da from Peter Wood

IMG_0655Dear Beloved

You are active as a miracle worker in my life, through me.  You have given me the self understanding that I required in order to incarnate as love, or at least to do so more and more.

All those 30 or so years ago I recognized your Great Help.  All those years ago I recognized your Great Influence, telling me to simply commune with You, to be in relationship with You, no matter where I was, whom I might be with, no matter what was arising.  You said to me to choose any condition and to Find You there.  That has been my practice all these years, Finding You there, wherever there might be.

If someone could never sit still and then could do in contemplation of You, that is a miracle.

If one couldn’t watch a film with ones family then could do in relationship with you, that is a miracle.

If one couldn’t play solos in front of others then could do, while feeling Your loving regard, then that is a miracle.

If one couldn’t sit still and watch a rugby match with ones father, but could do with this secretive relationship with You, that is a miracle.

If one couldn’t walk out of the front door without feeling self conscious, but suddenly could while with You, that is a miracle.

If one found it difficult to do the most ordinary of functional jobs, without getting anxious and flustered, but suddenly could do with You, then that is nothing short of being miraculous..

If one  got concerned about the slightest of mundane things and then, in relationship with You, Didn’t, then that is simply miraculous.

My spiritual relationship with You is secretive, it is unknown, it is unseen.  But it’s fruits are known.

20000521_273[1]Beloved You have shown Yourself, revealed to me Your love that surpasses all internal conflicts, all dilemma, all pathetic concerns, transforming the situations that I have found myself in, a transformation that is nothing but miraculous, I am deeply heart grateful for.

My whole life of difficulties and frustrations, anxieties and dilemmas has been necessary in order to find You, and to refinding You, as an answer to my childhood prayer of wanting to be like Jesus and not simply a follower.  You are the means for this body mind transformation, a transformation that is gracefully given, totally dependent on me finding You Attractive beyond all of the results of my self-contraction.

Dear Beloved you never forsake me, for it is I that forsake you.

I pray that my life circumstances will only ever be what is required for my personal Sadhana, a sadhana that can only be about Real Love.  As long as I continue to be Attracted to You, and only You, beyond my separative acts, I know inherently that I am Yours and that You will bless me with those gifts that reflect such devotion.

I wish to be an advocate of this Loving, transforming and miraculous Relationship that you offer, which is really all that Adidam is about.  It is a personal relationship that has a great influence on others and things.  I wish to be Your instrument of incarnation. Please grant me the arms to be capable of such a heartfelt prayer.

I bow down at Your Feet, freely offering You my self.

Peter Wood


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