O, what Bliss is this? That takes the two-armed Form Radiant before us. That shines as brilliantly as the sun of suns. A face as vast and compassionate as the ocean itself. It is none other than Da Love-Ananda.

O, what Joy unfathomable. To Commune with this God who has taken the body of a man. Is it not a wonder that such a Vision is given to our eyes? Is it not miraculous that we are Blessed with such Grace supreme? The body thrills to hear Your Name–Sri Da Love-Ananda.

O, Lord in the guise of a man. Now You have taken our hearts. You have robbed our body-minds of their “things” and replaced them with your pure gold nectar of Happiness. Please do not leave the final job undone. Take us to Your Heart-Place, and allow us to be Your Form, Sri Da Love-Ananda.

O, Love-Bliss clothed in orange garb? Where can you hide from us? Your Love explodes the world and becomes every shape, form and being. Your pleasure is our joy. Now that we have tasted from that storehouse of Grace we cannot get enough of the food of Divine Immortality, Sri Da Love-Ananda.

O, what ecstasy. To hear Your Teaching. What Bliss-Fullness to imbibe Your Divine Instruction. Even wonder and awe are sublimed into the Consciousness Itself that is Sri Da Love-Ananda.

O what gratitude, that fills the body-mind and heart. You are the Great One, the Lord of all the Worlds, the Soul of Souls,, the Mahapurusha. Please excuse our exuberance, for we have become nothing but Praise, happy to rest at the lotus Feet of Sri Da Love-Ananda .


I used to write poems for the closing prayers of our celebrations at the Mountain of Attention, while sitting with everyone during our final occasion of chanting. I would try to just channel our devotion into words. I found this one in one of my few remaining files that escaped the Valley Fire. Looks to be from 1986 because the “orange-garb” is mentioned.