305828_2460896288640_1439166930_32854670_1556203057_nIn late August or early September of 1974, I was on an education committee with several devotees and also with our Beloved Divine Master, Bhagavan Adi Da, known then of course as Bubba Free John.   Nina Jones, and a few other devotees were on the committee.  It shows you the submission of Bhagavan Adi Da during those years, that He would be part of this committee with us. Beloved Bhagavan was so involved in  all areas of the Dawn Horse Communion, including the Mission or “Public Education” department as it was called then, and the correspondence department–well literally everything. When the committee was formed we were to meet every Sunday afternoon.  However it did not  meet too many times before it was disbanded,  One Sunday afternoon we met at the house Mill Valley house where Bhagavan Adi Da stayed when He came to the Bay Area. During the meeting we all sat at round low table in Beloved’s living room. He was completly involved in every detail of the discussion about the educational process for all devotees in the community. He not only was brilliant in His suggestions and guidance, but also always humorous. At one point I remember Him getting up and going outside through a sliding glass door. He stood on the wooden deck looking off into the distance. He was dressed in a flowered black kurta top, with a Tibetan necklace on and His hair was blowing in the wind, his hands down below His waist, clasped together behind His back. He looked so beautiful that it took our breath away. Every moment as He stood there was a Divine Tableaux, each moment another Revelation of His Divinity. He had submitted so ordinarily during the meeting, but now, just moments later, He was the Divine Person, Beauty Incarnate. It is not surprising to me that one of the pictures taken on that day has become one that is often used from the early days. (Nick Elias was the photographer.)  It appears as page xxii in Garbage and the Goddess, just opposite the frontispiece that says, “The Last Miracles of Bubba Free John”. I have seen it somewhere in color, but not sure where.