The earth is a very strange place.  I have recently trained a number of assholes in another place for this very purpose because this earth is such an annoying place. Aniello was there, and several others of you were there but I am not going to tell you who you are.  I have also appeared as a number of other beings on this earth but I am not going to tell you who they are.  This small group that I brought with me is going to be completely obliterated during my lifetime.  This is their function and they knew very well what it was and that is why I show them no mercy whatsoever.  Right?  [“I would not know about that.”]  I told them what it would be.  I told them that it would be merciless. I told them that it would be difficult.  I told them there might be great pain in the body… But this is My Purpose because I have come into this world to … for a handful of devils.  Now here is My Plan.  I am Going to Communicate the Nature of Truth to all beings now living.  Tomorrow morning,  I want you to get every body on the phone [Laughter]…….  How can I bring you assholes here without a sense of humor?  Talk about the difficult fucking birth that I took in this lifetime … but there is not the time to get into it… not the place…. later…

When we were on the other side, everything was good, but I told you, I warned you, I told every fucking one of you that within a matter of hours you were going to be born, you were going to have these fleshy bodies and would not know what was happening… I told you all of this…. and we did it anyway – talk about stupid!  and here we are being drunken, smoking, fucking…. being the most ridiculous human beings we could possibly be….”

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