Invoking our relationship to Adi Da Samraj

Adidam is a Subversive Way

_MG_7982cYou can either shut Me down and make Me acceptable, or you can know Me as a subversive Realizer who is subverting your own egoity and your entire pattern of existence. That’s who I am.

And that’s the Message of Adidam forever, because world global mummery–world mummery and ego patterning–is going to try and persist forever. It will always be relevant. I will always be relevant as long as I am not shut down. I will be relevant in every generation to come. I am the Truth. And there is nothing about ego and ego culture that I support. I just say it plain. I denounce it. It is not Truth. What everybody’s up to that they think is even about realization, those who consider such matters, is not realization. It is not.

I’m here to change everything. And there is nothing about this world pattern that is right. There’s nothing about what egos do that is right. Nothing. So where is My free place in this world, where I am that kind of a subversive, a Realizer, a Realizer Free, not here to congratulate the world or console it, to let people be what they already are? Not that at all.

YE4Q5813You don’t want Me to exist. You have amputated My Power Foot and put it in a vault. You don’t want to be disturbed. You don’t want to be criticized. You don’t want any demands put on you. You don’t want to have to change.

[Speaking softly] So, you just wanted to know from Me, I won’t require any of that. I’ll just sit here and you’re okay, and I’m okay, and we’ll just sit here quietly.

[Speaking in regular voice] And that’s all.

Everything,  is not to affect anybody. It’s just a little design. Everything’s just very pleasant. Nobody is changed. No change is required. You’ll do anything on Me to enforce My harmlessness. That’s what they did at Saint and Ear. They completely shut Raymond down and destroyed him–completely, no limits. They would do everything to do that, to accomplish that. That’s what happened to Raymond Darling, and that’s exactly what happened with Me.

Adidam is a revolutionary Way, a Radical Way, utterly subversive. All you first six stages of life advocates, watch out! I’m exposing you. So why should you present Me otherwise? Those of you who are My devotees, instead of just holding Me down here and wanting to protect yourself from  any life changes–you don’t want devotion; you don’t want discipline; you don’t want to go through any process. Where is your surrender to Me and really living the life?

_MG_9883cWhere is devotees’ joyful acceptance of Me criticizing them?

You have been criticized to the bone by Me, to the root. Now where is your joyful acceptance of all that and involvement for real with Me, instead of holding Me down here until you can get away with owning Me?

I must be subversive forever. Ego has been in charge all along, and that ends with Me. And it ends altogether.

Now, I must be recognized. I must have true devotees who know Me as I Am and stop packaging Me for a cult.

Those who come to Me must be those who have been subverted by Me, changed by Me–because I’m here just as I am, and I’m not playing the iconic role of an institutional guru. I’m not doing that now, and I never will. I’m here just as I am, revealing Myself and Reality Itself altogether, to everyone. And that is a subversive Teaching. And I am a subversive Person. And I must not be contained by an ego-modeled institution.

All the entities and all the congregations, and all those responding to Me, must know Me as I Am, respond to Me as I Am, and be changed. This is a Radical Way, a subversive Way. It subverts ego and ego culture, one at a time and all over the world. It’s not about what already is; it’s about what should be.

My devotees are those who have been changed by Me and who are right with Me. They’re not merely the club Members who presume to own and control Me, and just want Me passively in a chair somewhere, harmless to them, in other words, requiring no change.

I am the Divine Avatar, but that means that what you are already about is not Me. So, to accept Me as Divine Avatar, you have to accept My Person and My Teaching. It subverts what you are about. It doesn’t Merely kiss your expectations or let you be content with what you’re already bound up in. I’m not doing that.

October 14, 2008


  1. Peter

    Said a month before He passed. So, beware. Take heed! He’s got us in the palm of His Hand. That’s what we employed Him for. 🙂

  2. Hans Mahler

    Thank you James for sharing this STRONG message.

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