March 3, 1979

MASTER: That old religion about Krishna is a nice mood for religion, you know? It’s about fullness, fulfillment of everything, Everything glorified, everything transcended also. It doesn’t have a negative quality, no negative element in it. It’s about everybody getting astonished by what they see. Just getting ecstatic in the presence of the Murti, that’s all. And that’s everything really. Its just the confrontation with existence itself, the existence of anything is the Murti. It requires astonishment, to recognize anything, to recognize Me, you see, is to be astonished. It is to enter into the primal moment of Transmission. What was I talking about? (everyone answers: astonishment) Oh yes, we must have gotten astonished. (laughter)

JIM: Bubba, in the Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun book, you write that “wonder rests the vital being, and cools the brain”.

MASTER: Right. You must remain in a state of wonder, simply astonished. Having recognized the significance of the existence of anything. And become ecstatic, [having] reduced all experience to the summary consideration of the existence of anything. And therefore transcended everything. So you could simply, remain ecstatic in the company of the Murti, if you could get into that state, by mere association in one place, in one moment, forever, you see. You can practice all the dance of that astonishment.