I am not sure the date of this short essay or quote. Since Bhagavan Adi Da mentions the first three stages of life, it had to be from very late 1977 on, when He first developed the seven stages of life model.

I did not enter into and endure or pass through the Spiritual process by being an asshole or true believer. Doubt was my Siddhi, the kind of Siddhi I acquired through that intellectual discipline. I do not believe or communicate bullshit, nor do I suggest that you bullshit yourself. Put yourself through the hard school, and really consider it. You must realize that capacity for discrimination, or you really cannot cut it in the Spiritual process. It takes a long time to be really schooled in discrimination. There is more to discrimination than just things of the mind, ideas and so forth. Discrimination is a tool you also bring to non-ideas, to impressions and events that have nothing to do with intellect or mentality or culture or society. You must bring discrimination to events that transcend the conventional or lower body-mind, that transcend the first three stages of life. I was able to use that tool in the higher stages of life. I know how important it is as an instrument for growth into the higher stages. Therefore, you must acquire a similar capability.