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Excerpts from “Reality-Politics for Ordinary Men and Women”

This talk, now turned into an essay, first appeared in print in Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! in 1980 under the title, “Radical Politics for Ordinary Men and Women”. But I remember Bhagavan Adi Da talking about the manuscript for this and the other similar essays that He was working on, back in 1975. With the present state of the culture in the world and within Adidam I find it more and more relevant and useful. It has helped me a lot and is a present calling to all of us much as ever. Of course the full essay itself is recommended, and that is in Not-Two Is Peace.  


From “Reality-Politics for Ordinary Men and Women” which appears in Not-Two Is Peace: The Ordinary People’s Way of Global Cooperative Order, by the World-Friend, Adi Da Samraj, Is Peace 723: Middletown, Ca., 2009, pg. 121-2, 124


The existence of the big political “system” does not make any ultimate positive difference in the daily life of the individual. You can and must live a truly free, responsible life, regardless of the “system” or the “news”. Of course, it can be done a little more easily if the “system” is relatively accommodating and the “news” is relatively benign. You would have to be more inventive to do it in an absolutist society, or during a war in a bombed-out town. Nevertheless—regardless of the larger politics or the state of the “news—the truly human (and humanizing) politics of intimate, cooperative living can (and indeed, must) be done. And, therefore, the ego-transcending discipline of intimate, cooperative living is the only real and true politics—or the only genuine “realpolitik” (or Reality-politics) for ordinary (or truly human) men and women.

The true change that you must create is not principally in the “system” itself (or in the parent-like world of competitive egos) but in the ordinary, daily associations between yourself and other human beings. People who would be free must live in a non-egoic manner, in intimate cooperation with one another. Human beings must truly understand themselves—in all of their external and  internal egoity—and they must, on that basis, adapt to a cooperative and mutually tolerant arrangement of daily life, in which they are each personally responsible for the character of daily existence and in which they simply live together, intimately and seriously, free of reactive and dependent association with the parent-like abstract world of the “news”. . . .

The true politics of the individual is in relation to what is intimate to him or her. Truly human politics is in the sphere of directly effective relationships, experienced on a daily basis—where the individual’s voice and experience can be directly heard and sympathetically felt. That fundamentally is politics. All the rest is only the vulgar and inherently disheartening daily “news” of the world-mummery of human egos. . . .

In a true cooperative human community every one knows what every one else has the tendency to become (when irresponsible) and the  possibility to become (when responsible). And all serve one another at the level of that  understanding. They all also know the functional character and capability of each one among them, and they amuse and enjoy and serve and employ one another at every appropriate level. Right  responsibility for functional life (and, thus, for the positive unifying of the structures of the human individual, and of all of the members of the collective itself) must always be assumed, and demanded in a truly human (or truly ego-transcending, and cooperative and mutually tolerant) community. When it is not, that failure of responsibility (and, thus, of individual well-being and of collective unity) will, inevitably, weaken the community—and, thus, enable (or even oblige) shrewder men and women to exploit and oppress the members of the community, and make them slaves to their own egoity again.

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  1. Radical. Idealistic?

    Adidam as taught by Adi Da is radical. I don’t want to…..transcend. I want……transcend. I feel…….transcend. I, I, I. Transcend.

    Only in a working relationship with Real God, via the Divine Person can a non egoic community be realised.

    A working relationship is to feel the Divine living one, and then, and only then, can true cooperation and true intimacy, and true tolerance, that is Always, Already the Case be enacted., be realised.

    Egoic ways of cooperation always is competitive, always is a struggle for power, control and importance. All of that nonsense is washed clean when on is being lived by Beloved. Well that is my Reality. What’s yours?

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