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2001-10-1IMG_2372I am here with Christy in Sutton, Quebec. Yesterday we finished a wonderful three day retreat at the facilities, “Turning of the Heart” (Au Turnant du Coeur) here in East Canada. It was an inspiring weekend, full of Bhagavan Adi Da’s Influence. We watched videos of Bhagavan Speaking, ecstatically and profoundly. We also listened to Him asking us fiercely and prophetically, when we were going to “grow up”, when we were going to “get straight”. It was a time of great education and invocation, full of leela and laughter, tapas and tears, as any event or “happening” filled with Adi Da’s Presence inevitably becomes. Happy but sober, serious and deep, full of the energy and freedom of straight, close talk.

IMG_2365On Saturday night, we gathered around a bonfire in the Canadian pines. It was cold out, but the fire and our intimacy kept us warm. We listened to a tape of Bhagavan Adi Da speaking ecstatically and told leelas.  We did not have a chant leader, but did have a great drummer, and finally mustered out Amazing Grace and then a devotional chant. The conversation became very real when we started to discuss what had just happened with  the Valley Fire, and Cyclone Winston and the status of the IMG_2368Adidam culture. There were questions and responses from everyone, a sharing of opinions. One person would say something, and another would add their thoughts. It was so liberating to actually have a real conversation about what was going on–how our community was on the edge, how it needed to change, what it would take for us to get right with Bhagavan, what was stuck and where we thought and felt we needed to change to open it up. Mostly we discussed how we needed to really and truly get “down to it” about what was wrong with the present Adidam cultural pattern, and what changes we needed to concretely make. We discussed not just talk but action. But first, no holds barred conversation. The more we talked, the more energy and attention for change and growth was unleashed. The more we understood that the Sangha must get involved, all of us, new devotees and old-timers, men and women both, how we needed to uncover and bring to the front all of the many talents and skills and sensitivities that are there in us as a collective. It felt that a torch was being lit, a torch of free conversation and involvement of everyone. Not wolves and sheep, but everyone involved and everyone responsible, everyone playing their role in the historical event that is the Avataric Incarnation of Adi Da Samraj in this time and place. It was clear to all of us that this real conversation was simply a beginning, and needed to be continued with all of us everywhere often and always be IMG_2369translated into real action. The heart is healed in such real “consideration” or “samyama” on what can be discussed, no fakery or false taboos or putting on the Teaching as if because we could say it, it was true of us. Instead, what action and change is truly required, what gift do we need to manifest through our actions to lay at the Feet of our Beloved. It brings clarity to the being and the freedom of allowing Bhagavan’s Empowerment to be manifested in each of us and in our collectives lives. There are no enemies in this conversation, except the ego and Narcissus in each of us. And the hero, the Bright Vision is that of our Bhagavan Adi Da and all of us as His devotees manifesting Him.

So thank you to all who participated this weekend, and gratitude to our Master and His Appearance that brought us all together. May this conversation just be a beginning and go on and on and on to spark the creation of the New Order of Men and Women so dear to the heart of our Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da.  The world is in such need of His Wisdom and His Blessing in this dark and troubled time.



  1. Steven

    Lovely post!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Peter

    Yes the world needs re educating, an education that will really teach one to be responsible for the act of separation from That which is Always Already the Case. Adi Da was and is an Agent of That Place called Real God. It was never born and can never die. People must be re educated, taught how to locate that Place beyond all seeking and all egoic preferences. Likes and dislikes must be seen to be not it. The practise of self-forgetting, Me remembering must be understood and truly practiced, 24/7. Adi Da is simply is an agent to the Divine. It is this uncreated, Divine Condition that the world must become attracted to, a Reality that is always accessible, no matter what.

    • Peter

      Yes, I live in the world because Adi Da told me to outshine it but not to abandon it. It’s not easy, for it is very testing. But by the Grace and blessings of the Divine, having the self understanding required to commune 24/7, I am able to be happy, Already Happy, when everyone that I associate with, work with, socialize with, are suffering the consequences of their seeking within the conditional worlds. Being transformed by Real God, I am able to serve with a compassionate heart, always having a listening ear, and a willingness to go beyond their plight. By my being Happy, exercising the ability to relocate Beloved at all times, my love for His revelation is obvious, but not necessarily understood. He is my Saviour simply because He won’t let me go. His presence bleeds through me into a world that simply is living like headless chickens. I am His servant within an ignorant world, seeking for what He offers, but without the ears of real understanding and the eyes that are clouded over by the ignorance of egoic activity. Thank you.

      • Peter

        I should have ended my comment above with the words, …..a world seeking for what He offers, but without the ears of real understanding and the eyes to see clearly that are clouded over by the ignorance of egoic activity to find Him.

  3. Peter

    Do you know why I practise self forgetting, Me remembering? Simply because I don’t know when I’ll die, and I want to die contemplating the Divine Person, I want to be with God, to feel Real God. Simple really!

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