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What photos should be Murtis?

April 16, 1995

Frans van den Bossche: Presently your principle relative to Murtis is that they should be “present time”. After your Mahasamadhi, would we use just the Murtis of Your last days, or could we also use Murtis that …..

Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da:  (cutting off Frans mid-sentence)  You’ll use all the Murtis. They will all be useful. They are all Me. They are all forms of My Sign and Manifestation.  (pause)  Oh perhaps in some sense you could say the Murtis of the last days may have some primacy in some sense. But in general not.

They are all Me, the same in all those forms, all of those times, all of those appearances. So you can use them all.


  1. Short and sweet!

  2. Is anyone interested in the 5 ft x 3 ft murti last seen or told was going down into the basement of the Adidam Building in Chicago hung up at the Adidam booth at the Council of the Parliament of World’s Religions in Cape Town South Africa in 1999 ?

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