Dear James,

Here is a question for you:  what can you tell me about the old Borden’s cartoon, “The Sunshine Makers”?   I would appreciate any information you may have about this and what Bhagavan Adi Da felt about it.
The cartoon is on U Tube and available for all to view.  I have been using it recently in some elementary classes for which I have been substitute teacher, and have a beautiful leela to tell of the transformation to happiness of an 8-9 year old boy after seeing the cartoon!  Thank you, James!

Bhagavan Adi Da loved that cartoon! He thought that it showed the simplicity of the argument of the open hand and the closed fist, or that our un-happiness is just something that we presume.  Just like He used to tell us when we came to The Mountain of Attention, or came to see Him altogether, that we could “leave it at the gate”. There is no reason to presume the dilemma in the face of the Divine (or truly altogether).

We used to watch “The Sunshine Makers” cartoon with Him when we had to watch it on a 16mm projector.  I saw it multiple times with Bhagavan and He would laugh heartily as it was shown and watch our faces to see our reactions beaming with Happiness.

He always used to tell us that we could just “drop it in the moment” (our self-contraction) and that it was “just an act”.