Hellie Kalogeros

In 2010, the night before my birthday, my husband Carl informed me that we would be going to a birthday lunch at a fancy restaurant with family and friends the next day. We don’t eat out that often and so this was a rare treat and I was excited about it. When I went to sleep that night I had a wonderful dream.

I was in a place that resembled a small theater. On the stage was a long platform built the entire length of the stage, with three very large steps leading up to it. Beloved was sitting in His Chair at the top of this platform, and I was sitting at the bottom on the floor below the last step.

There was a sheer black curtain stretched the entire length of the stage between myself and Beloved. The curtain stopped at the top edge of the platform above, so that the stairs were free of the curtain down to where I was sitting. Beloved was sitting facing out to my right side, so all I could see of Him was His profile and the right side of His Body.

It felt as if there were thousands of beings who were behind this sheer curtain with Him, and it felt as if the space behind Him, was Bigger and more Vast than the Universe itself, but not empty, it seemed crowded there in fact.

20000521_305[1]Beloved appeared very Bright in His Chair, but everything behind Him was black and I couldn’t see anything beyond Him. He was literally outshining everything behind this sheer black curtain and nothing else behind Him was visible although I could sense and feel beings, I could not see them, no matter how hard I tried.

I could sense and feel that He was having an intense non-verbal conversation with them on the other side of this sheer black curtain, and although I kept trying, I just couldn’t penetrate this sheer curtain to see into the blackness beyond, only Beloved remained visible.

I could feel He was addressing everyone on the other side about their practice, as He did with devotees when He was alive, and could feel Him intensifying my own practice as I sat there, even though I could not hear what He was saying nor see those he was communicating to, his communication to me was very clear.

pour_a_bucket_of_ice_water_over_your_head_by_kylekirk-d7ww1m5When I got the message, all of a sudden Beloved stopped His address to those on the other side and turned His Head to His right to see me sitting there at the bottom of the platform steps. He got up as if He had been waiting for me, walked to the back of His Chair, grabbed a bucket of water that was just to His right side, came out from behind the sheer black curtain, took one step down the platform steps and dumped the entire bucket of water on my head, saying: “Now you can go to lunch with Carl”.

He then walked back behind the sheer black curtain, behind His Chair, sat down and once again began addressing those on the other side non-verbally.

When I woke up after the dream I felt completely Blessed, realizing I had received the most Wonderful and Personal Darshan Birthday present .

I also realized that the black sheer curtain I had tried so hard to look beyond was in Reality “The Veil of Death.” That is why no matter how hard I tried, I could not penetrate it to view what was on the other side. Only my Beloved Guru could cross into both worlds with the ease and simplicity of pulling back a curtain. Thank You Heart-Master Da