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  1. Peter

    The purpose of all the gatherings of devotees is to consider the Teaching to the point of hearing or self-understanding and to grant attention to the Spiritual Master in the Forms of his Person, his Agencies, and his Spirit-Blessing magnified to devotees to the point of the tangible Awakening to and acknowledgment of the Spiritual Divine. This entire institution and this whole community of devotees should be devoted to these purposes.
    Practice daily. Gather constantly for the sake of hearing and seeing and communicating to one another about actual hearing and seeing. Tell the stories of your practice. Support one another’s Awakening. Give one another opportunity for the demonstration of the Way in good company. And call everyone to the real discipline and technical practice of this esoteric Way, this radical Way, in daily life.
    Do this as individuals and do this as a gathering, a community, and an institution, and you will see the fruits of my birth and of your own birth. Then this institution and this community will be unique and will have great value. They will be real, they will grow, they will stop stumbling and falling back. It all depends on true hearing, self-understanding, and the acceptance of this Baptism.
    November 3, 1982

  2. Peter

    Those of us who have listened sufficiently to the point of hearing will understand that this personal activity of the self-contraction is at the root of all seeking for happiness in the realm of conditions. It is the cause of all division, separation, cults, bondage, belief systems, religions and all the suffering that is the result of this personal sin.

    However, unless we practise, unless each individual is countering this activity of sin, unless one has this personal relationship with the Divine Person, this Great Alternatve, then change will not occur. Thus the phrase, it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know is kept in place.

    This Great Alternative is, in some way, quite frightening because it is opening oneself up to being lived by a Force that is entirely out of ones control. It is like a ship having no ability to be anchored! It is this very fear of the unknown, the mystery of Real God, the not knowing how an Open Hand can live without egoic control and security that must be surrendered in order to be blessed with a Reality that is hidden from the ‘wise and the prudent’.

    In some sense enlightenment is conditional for It depends upon the willingness of the hearer to redirect his or her attention from off oneself to That very Source that is beyond ones usual habit of body-mind identification. As Jesus is reported to having said, it is far easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Let one who has heard the Teaching of our Beloved Lord not be afraid to confess to it, and thus be liberated from any anchorage to any condition that seems to be more attractive. All it requires is that moment of recognition that takes no longer than ‘the twinkling of an eye’.

    Let us hearers of the Truth that, when practiced, interferes with the klick klack of conditional existence not become like Peter who was so in love with his beloved Jesus while physically present with Him, denied ever knowing Him moments later when he was questioned by a centurion for fear of being arrested. It is fear that prevents one from going the whole way. We must trust in the Lord that grace will have its way, embracing us with the love blissful reward that is dependent on surrendering that one sin that is the only prevention that separates us from the Eternal Life that is accessible to all who have truly heard.

    Once ones life is built on faith and trust then that ‘devil we don’t know’ will in fact become to us as intimatly as wetness is to water! Can wetness ever be separated from water? Can sweetness ever be separated from sugar?

    Thank you.

  3. Patreecia Brandt

    i am very much enjoying this site amd your leelas. may i have the password?

  4. Karen Millet

    Greetings James!

    You will not remember me, but I well remembet you.

    I was an active member of The Free Daist Communion from 1978 – 1983.

    I live in Berkeley, drove to the Sanctuary every weekend; helped. build the Manor (Manner) of Flowers, etc.

    I do not now have access to the Matrix, but still feel great love for Adi Da Samraj (or Da Free John, as I knew him).

    I have, in the intervening years, attended celebrations open to the public, etc.

    I’m a longtime friend of dear Paula and Pi Stryker.

    Would you please put me on the Divine Distraction list as I’m desirous of staying connected?

    Many thanks and
    Jai Guru Dev

    Karen Millet

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